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Chicago Restaurants

Many people often wonder what the absolute best place to eat is in Chicago. I say, without hesitation, that Gibson’s Steakhouse is #1 and it’s not even close. To get a real authentic feel of the city, you have to try this place out before any other. Its been a staple of the city for many years now – in fact, almost 30!.

Gibson’s specializes in steaks, and boy do they deliver. All of their meat is USDA Prime Angus, meaning that it’s carefully selected and only from cattle in the upper Midwest area, as to shorten the transport time of the meat. They also serve fish, american classics, and appetizers, as well as an extensive cocktail list. Not to mention they have some of the finest wine in Chicago.

Gibson’s was opened in 1989 by two Italian business partners and it is the only steakhouse in the US to have its own USDA Prime certificate. The popularity of the restaurant has attracted the whos who of the Chicago scene, as well as many celebrities when they are in the city. The residents typically name the restaurant as the best in the city year after year, not only for it’s steaks, but also it’s juicy burgers. The atmosphere is inviting – upscale but not black tie if you choose not to. The only restriction is no sneakers or short sleeved shirts. There is  a nice mix of the downtown businessman and the casual out of towner enjoying the famous landmark of the city. Gibsons is looking to open more locations in the city over the next few years in order to serve as many people as possible in the area. The restaurant is also regularly featured as the go to hangout of the cast of “The League” which is a show about fantasy football based in the city.

If you are looking for the best choice for classic american food and amazing steaks, you can’t go wrong with visiting Gibsons. You won’t regret the hefty check that you will receive at the end of the dinner!

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