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Cibolo cryotherapy

What is Cryotherapy?

Many people in Cibolo Texas often wonder, what is Cryo Treatment? Cryotherapy is the local or common application of low temps in health care treatments. Cryotherapy in Cibolo is utilized to address a number of harmless and malignant cells damage, medically referred to as lesions. The term “cryotherapy” originates from the Ancient greek cryo,which means cold, and therapy, meaning cure. Cryotherapy has been utilized as early on as the seventeenth century. Its purpose is to lower cell growth and reproduction ( cellular metabolism ), boost cellular survival, minimize inflammation, lessen pain and spasm, enhance the constriction of blood vessels ( vasoconstriction ), and when utilizing great temps, to eliminate cells by crystallizing the cytosol, which is the fluid located inside cells, also called intracellular fluid.
Whole body cryotherapy was originally designed for use in a medical setting to treat patients with problems like multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis; however, elite athletes have lately said using the treatment to relieve delayed onset muscle irritation after exercise. Recently, recreational athletes have started to imitate top-notch athletes in making use of these treatments after working out. Reductions in muscle and skin tissue temp after WBC exposure may induce cutaneous receptors and stimulate the sympathetic adrenergic fiber, creating constriction of local arterioles and venues. As a result, WBC may be helpful in relieving aching, or muscle pain, through lowered muscle metabolism, skin microcirculation, receptor sensitivity and nerve conduction speed. Surprisingly, a paradoxical rise in rectal temperature, accompanied by a slight decline, has been recorded following exposure to the therapy. The is also a body of research to propose that WBC stimulates the autonomic nervous system, with a predominance of parasympathetic tone activation, after exposure.


Cryo Spa in Texas

What does a Cryotherapy session look like?

Cryotherapy in Cibolo looks like the typical cryo spa session anywhere in the world. The customer will normally strip down to their undergarments, and may use some cotton headband covers if the cryo sauna is full body. If it is not, they will still apply cotton gloves and socks to protect the extremities. The cryo sauna has nitrogen gas, which will get down to a very chilly -160 to -300 degrees, for about 2 to 3 minutes. After the sesion ends, the client may feel a slight tingling sensation as their core body temp begins to rise. However, within an hour, they will begin to feel rejuvenated, and relaxed. Any prior muscle soreness will start to disappear, and you will feel as if you had a greats night rest. Many high end athletes and celebrities have sworn by the cryotherapy process to help them heal quicker in their busy and active lives.



What do I look for in a Cryo Spa in Cibolo?

We have vetted out all the cryotherapy spas in Cibolo to give you a list of the best licenses and professional places to visit. You can be rest assured that anyplace on this list is a legitimate provider of cryotherapy.



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