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Cryotherapy helps with depression

Cryotherapy helps with depression

One benefit of cryotherapy that many people do not realize, is it’s outstanding affect on those suffering from the mental health issue known as depression. I’m sure that you all know someone who has been affected by this disease, or perhaps you yourself have suffered or are suffering from it. There are many drugs on the market which claim to help boost your mood and lift depression, but cryotherapy has actually been proven as a natural remedy for the problem. How exactly does a cryo chamber visit 3 times a week help with depression? Let’s take a look:

Cryotherapy increases your levels of endorphins.

Yes, those feel good hormones that boost our mood and well being are front and center of the cryotherapy talk. They are released during a session in a cryotherapy chamber, and the effects are immediate. Not only will it boost your mood, but there will be a positive effect on your cognitive skills and abilities as well.

Release of Cortisol after cryotherapy

Cortisol is a stress handling hormone which helps to boost mood much like the endorphins do. You will feel and immediate reduction in the levels of your stress.

Reduced use of pharmaceutical drugs

Perhaps the worst part of depression are the tons of drugs prescribed by doctors, when it seems none of them really do the trick. Or, if they do, you need to take a combination of drugs which many people do not feel comfortable with. Regular cryotherapy treatment can help to reduce the number of drugs needed in order to feel more stable and be in an overall better mood. The body will in turn rely on it’s own built in mechanisms to control stress, such as the endorphins and cortisone that were mentioned above.

More predictable sleep patterns

A recent study in Illinois showed that cryotherapy can help to stabilize a persons sleep patterns. In fact, you will find yourself getting better sleep – not necessarily longer, but studies have shown that deep sleep is better than longer sleep. Bed time will no longer be a source of stress and worry about the next day, but rather a relaxing time to rejuvenate your mind and body.

Increased Serotonin levels

Finally, a massive increase in serotonin will help to alleviate sicknesses that often come with depression. The bodies ability to fight off sickness while depressed is far less than that of a healthy mind and body. Serotonin increase from cryotherapy will allow your body to ward off those types of viruses that would normally affect a person who is depressed.

Overall, Cryotherapy will assist you in leading a more active, healthy, lifestyle.


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