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Cryotherapy may help with weight loss

Cryotherapy may help with weight loss

Whole-body cryotherapy has actually been around since the late 1970s, when it was introduced as a treatment for rheumatoid arthritis . Since then, localized cold therapy has proven effective for destroying skin lesions and whole-body cryotherapy has gained popularity among elite athletes as a way to soothe sore muscles. John Elliason , MD , founder and director of P7 , an elite training center and research lab xplains , “It appears there is a large , whole-body reduction in inflammation.

Now, supporters declare that cryotherapy can also accelerate weight loss. The philosophy is that your body goes into survival mode when subjected to the intense cold ; this supercharges your metabolism and torches about eight hundred calories along the way . Cryo spas state this kind of therapy can also enhance energy , reduce stress , increase sleep , and ease skin conditions like psoriasis . Not bad for a three-minute spa therapy .

If these whole-body benefits are legit , it’s no real surprise that cryo spas are instantly popping up everywhere . But is it too good to be true ? The short answer : It’s too early to say . “We saw an initial rise in metabolic rate , but no constant results for long lasting weight loss ,” says Dr . Alan Smith, a medical professional in Phoenix that has researched cryotherapy .

Dr . Smith was among the first — possibly the very first — to open a cryotherapy chamber on the West Coast after hearing positive testimonials from a sports scientist for the San Antonio Spurs , but is carefully optimistic about the possible weight-loss benefits . “We were among the earliest adapters , but my curiosity was from reading the materials on reducing pro-inflammatory components…I was really doubtful of the weight loss claims ,” he says . “However , I wouldn’t be shocked if there is a caloric boost post-cryotherapy . There is absolutely a big release of adrenaline , and subjectively , it feels as though you are using more energy .”

One possible stumbling block for long-term weight-loss is the cost . While a couple of minutes of extreme shivering may sound much easier than an hour-long spin class , treatment options typically cost between $50-100 per treatment , making regular trips challenging for those of us whose paychecks don’t originate from the NBA . So even if the calorie-burning statements eventually end up being true , it’s just like any fat burning effort — without repetition , you won’t notice results . And repetition could getexpensive .

Still , if you’re interested by the idea of being a human popsicle , the process is reasonably safe to try . In contrast to the bone-chilling effects of an ice bath , the deficiency ofmoisture in a cryo chamber will keep the cold air from piercing the skin by more than a half-millimeter . “When the treatment is completed per guidelines , there are no considerable risks ,” Dr . Smith says.

What exactly is cryotherapy actually best for ? The studies are few and far between , and mainly concentrate on its helpfulness for pain relief . “It can be helpful for swelling and in boosting recovery from demanding physical training ,” says Dr . Smith. Even if it’s not a miraculous weight-loss chamber , cryotherapy can assist you recover faster and return into your regular fitness regimen . And in the long term , that might allow you to see quicker results .

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