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Cryotherapy in DeKalb IL

What is Cryotherapy?

The biggest question that most people probably have regarding DeKalb Cryotherapy is, “What is it?”

The use of Cryotherapy as a treatment is gaining popularity over the last few years for everything from rejuvenating joints, muscles, and ligaments, to removing warts. The main reason for Cryotherapy does fall into the category of healing. Mainly, oxygenating the blood stream to create a re-engergized feeling throughout the entire body. The practice is used by many professional athletes and celebrities alike who swear by the benefits it provides them in their active and busy lifestyles. So, how exactly does the process work?

woman in a cryotherapy chamber

DeKalb Cryotherapy Treatments

If one wants to immerse themselves with a session of Cryotherapy, the process is pretty simple. You step into what is called a cryotherapy chamber, or cryo chamber, where the temperature drops between -165F to as low as -300F with the help of liquid nitrogen. (However, your actual surface temp only drops about 30 degrees) The entire treatment will last about 3 minutes, with the goal being that your external body temperature will drop without affecting your internal body temperature. With the internal temperature dropping rapidly, your blood will flow to your hear and other organs, in order to keep the core body temperature up. Blood and oxygen are pumping through your veins in order to try and warm you up. Once you leave the cryo chamber, all of this freshly oxygenated blood will attempt to warm itself up, resulting in that feeling of being refreshed and giving you an energy boost. Your body will actually release endorphins, which we all know are the feel good hormones of the human body.

Is Cryotherapy Safe?

Yes, it is very safe. In fact, the practice of Cryotherapy has been around for decades, mostly in Japan and Europe. Of course, you will want to make sure you are doing these treatments at a certified place of business, with professionals assisting you and making sure you feel comfortable. We have a great list of the top DeKalb cryotherapy spas in the US for you to find the closest one.

How often should I do Cyro Treatments?

For the best results, it is recommended to do 1 to 2 days a week in order to maximize your results. Most businesses have monthly unlimited packages, so you can feel free to go multiple times a week if you are more active than the average person.

Does it really work?

Many professional sports teams have Cryotherapy chambers for their athletes to use after practices or games, in order to speed their recover time. Since these teams spend hundreds of millions of dollars on their athletes, it is unlikely they would be giving them any treatments that don’t work! You can do a quick search for famous celebrities that use cryotherapy as well and see the results that they are getting from it. Their lifestyles are very hectic and fast paced, so using this treatment helps their bodies to recover quickly and keep going.

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