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Is Cryotherapy Safe?

Without a doubt . The liquid nitrogen being used throughout the cryo treatment process as a chilling agent does not touch the skin . A trained expert is present every time during the treatment , checking your comfort and temperature ranges . We use a cryosauna with a magnetic doorway closure that opens very easily , as opposed to other competitors’ versions that could accidentally get locked .

Should anyone not use Cryotherapy?

It may not be advised that people with the following conditions use Whole Body Cryotherapy : Pregnant or lactating females and a person with a cardiac pacemaker , symptomatic cardiovascular disease , peripheral arterial occlusive illness or has a historical past of blood clots or uncontrolled seizures . Individuals afflicted with acute cerebrovascular accident , vein thrombosis,  acute myocardial infarction , anemia and blood disorders of any sort , kidney diseases , history of cancer , symptomatic lung conditions , along with cold allergy symptoms and unmanaged hypertension ( BP>180-100 ) should avoid this practice .
It is usually suggested to check with a physician prior to starting any new course of Cryotherapy treatment .

Is the cryosauna comfortable?

A cryosauna treatment is similar to standing in front of a freezer. It’s quite cold but will not cause you any pain. Protective layering provides customers with comfort during the very short session.

Will I get sick from using a cryotherapy chamber?

No , the instantaneous reaction to the freezing cryo treatment is a climb in the body’s interior temperature for a brief time period . However , over time the total stimulation of the immune system works to reduce the recurrence and seriousness of future colds .

Do I need to wear anything while I’m in the cryo chamber?

Because of the very low temperatures clientele have to wear specific foot wear supplied by Cryotherapy Health and Wellness Inc . , and accompanied with thin socks . In addition , undergarments or a bathing suit is donned to safeguard intimate body parts although all other clothing products are removed . Hands are kept raised throughout the session to steer clear of contact with the cooling mist .

When will I see results?

You are able to start experience the benefits of Whole Body Cryotherapy right after the very first treatment as a spike of endorphins , the body’s organic mood booster , provides you with a lift up that will keep working for approximately 6 hours afterwards . Instant pain relief from joint and muscle pain , which is probably the most sought after benefits of Cryotherapy procedure , and an increase in energy might be felt right away and can keep working from hours to days . Long-term health advantages consist of fat loss , enhanced skin elasticity , decrease in cellulite , and more. These generally take more time to notice and will need a course of treatments for optimal results .

Will I feel claustrophobic during the treatment?

No. It is very important keep in mind the cryosauna cabin is wide open on top , with an adjustable platform that goes up or lowers to accommodate the size of every client . The head and neck are open through the session so the individual is not completely covered at any stage . Also , the chamber door is closed but certainly not locked enabling you to move out any moment.

How often do I need to do cryotherapy?

Even though each and every whole body cryotherapy session matters when it comes to your overall health , research suggests that at least 10 sessions throughout a two to three week time period will produce the ideal cumulative outcome . We suggest a routine maintenance plan for optimal results , duplicating the series of treatments every three month interval ( individual needs many vary ) . Professional athletes will need a more potent course of cryo treatment with up to two sessions a day to attain improved performance.

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