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Frisco TX Weather

Frisco Texas Climate

The climate in Frisco TX is generally known to be humid throughout most of the year, and quite hot during the early to late summer months. The winters are mild and can sometimes reach days that get into the 80’s, even in December and January. Frisco isn’t classified as having 4 seasons, which is fairly unique. They only have a summer and a winter. There are cooler and warmer parts of each of those seasons, but nothing dramatic enough to consider a fall or spring season.


watertower in Friso TX


Summer weather in Frisco is very hot. Days regularly reach 100 degrees Fahrenheit and  higher, and the humidity is also high during this point, which can make for some very uncomfortable days. It’s best to stock up on shorts and t shirts, as you won’t be wearing much else from June to August! The average temp in August maxes out at 87 degrees, so as you can imagine, it’s basically a tropical type of temperature as far as the heat is concerned. On average, there are 230 sunny days per year, and most of them come during the early to late summer months.


Winter in Frisco Texas runs from November to February most years. Temps are mild, but never really cold. You can expect the temperature to average in the 50’s for most of December and January with 60’s for the rest of the winter. While snowfall can happen, it’s not guaranteed, and when it does snow, it’s brief and  will melt almost instantly. Although the average temps this time of year are on the cooler side, ti would not be strange to see a week long period of 80 degree weather or possible even 90!


Frisco sees and average of 41 inches of precipitation per year, with almost all of it coming in the form of rain. March to June is the wettest period throughout the year, however, October is actually the rainiest month on average, which is kind of  unique.

Severe Weather

Have you heard of Tornado Alley? The citizens of Frisco sure have! They live right in it! Although they do see their fair share of twisters in the metro area, there have historically been very few injuries or deaths reported from them. If you are visiting Frisco during the months of May to July, you will almost certainly hear the sirens go off indicating that a tornado warning has been issued. If you experience this, please remember to take shelter immediately. Although the chances of a tornado striking near you are low, you never want to take chances with mother nature.

Weather Records

The highest temp ever recorded in the city was 118 degrees in August of 1936. That is desert type of heat! The lowest temperature on record took place in January of 1930 when the low temp got down to -7! I guess the 30’s were a bad time to be around in Frisco!

Overall, Frisco has a very nice climate if you don’t mind hot summers. The mild, comfortable winter months more than make up for the possible extreme heat that you may experience during the summer.


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