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Cryotherapy may help with weight loss

Cryotherapy may help with weight loss

Whole-body cryotherapy has actually been around since the late 1970s, when it was introduced as a treatment for rheumatoid arthritis . Since then, localized cold therapy has proven effective for destroying skin lesions and whole-body cryotherapy has gained popularity among elite athletes as a way to soothe sore muscles. John Elliason , MD , founder and director of P7 , an elite training center and research lab xplains , “It appears there is a large , whole-body reduction in inflammation.

Now, supporters declare that cryotherapy can also accelerate weight loss. The philosophy is that your body goes into survival mode when subjected to the intense cold ; this supercharges your metabolism and torches about eight hundred calories along the way . Cryo spas state this kind of therapy can also enhance energy , reduce stress , increase sleep , and ease skin conditions like psoriasis . Not bad for a three-minute spa therapy .

If these whole-body benefits are legit , it’s no real surprise that cryo spas are instantly popping up everywhere . But is it too good to be true ? The short answer : It’s too early to say . “We saw an initial rise in metabolic rate , but no constant results for long lasting weight loss ,” says Dr . Alan Smith, a medical professional in Phoenix that has researched cryotherapy .

Dr . Smith was among the first — possibly the very first — to open a cryotherapy chamber on the West Coast after hearing positive testimonials from a sports scientist for the San Antonio Spurs , but is carefully optimistic about the possible weight-loss benefits . “We were among the earliest adapters , but my curiosity was from reading the materials on reducing pro-inflammatory components…I was really doubtful of the weight loss claims ,” he says . “However , I wouldn’t be shocked if there is a caloric boost post-cryotherapy . There is absolutely a big release of adrenaline , and subjectively , it feels as though you are using more energy .”

One possible stumbling block for long-term weight-loss is the cost . While a couple of minutes of extreme shivering may sound much easier than an hour-long spin class , treatment options typically cost between $50-100 per treatment , making regular trips challenging for those of us whose paychecks don’t originate from the NBA . So even if the calorie-burning statements eventually end up being true , it’s just like any fat burning effort — without repetition , you won’t notice results . And repetition could getexpensive .

Still , if you’re interested by the idea of being a human popsicle , the process is reasonably safe to try . In contrast to the bone-chilling effects of an ice bath , the deficiency ofmoisture in a cryo chamber will keep the cold air from piercing the skin by more than a half-millimeter . “When the treatment is completed per guidelines , there are no considerable risks ,” Dr . Smith says.

What exactly is cryotherapy actually best for ? The studies are few and far between , and mainly concentrate on its helpfulness for pain relief . “It can be helpful for swelling and in boosting recovery from demanding physical training ,” says Dr . Smith. Even if it’s not a miraculous weight-loss chamber , cryotherapy can assist you recover faster and return into your regular fitness regimen . And in the long term , that might allow you to see quicker results .

What is a cryofacial?

Many people are wondering about the newest form of cryotherapy – the use of the treatment on the face and neck, also known as a cryofacial. This treatment has gone under a huge surge in popularity along with cryotherapy itself over the last few years. So what exactly is it, and how does it benefit you? Lets take a look.


What is a Cryofacial

A cryofacial triggers speedy vasoconstriction and then the stable dilation of blood vessels and lymphatic capillaries, which enhances the nutrition of the skin and activates metabolic processes . An additional benefit of improved skin nutrition is increased penetrability of cell membranes .

A cryofacial tends to make the majority of beauty treatment options more beneficial ( facial masks , entire body wraps , injections , peels , microdermabrasion ) . A furtherbenefit of cryotherapy solutions is their prominent analgesic in addition to their potential to alleviate adverse effects such as swelling and edema , which worries surgical and thermal procedures in the first place .

A course of cryofacial treatment also generates prolonged results : it enhances skin tone , blood supply and nutrition , supports revitalization of aged pores and skinand improves the condition of trouble skin . Cryotherapy has additionally proven to be effective in complex body shaping as well as the anti-cellulite regime .

How Does a Cryofacial Work?

The tremendous cold temps used to attain cryostimulation cause the body to produce the needed temperature inside the body. The body utilizes sugars , fats and proteins as an energy resource to boost the body temp . As soon as the procedure is over and blood vessels dilate , the ensuing rush of blood circulation raises metabolic processes which means that the body breaks down bigger molecules much quicker .

Greater oxygenated blood flow provides the body additional power , enhances the revitalization of skin , organs and muscles , delivers a rush of hormones and nutrients , loosens up muscles and transports damaging substances far from the superficial layer . When subjected to extreme cold temperatures the body uses up energy to be able toalter the internal temperature of the body , drive the increased flow of blood around the body and support improved metabolic processes . For that reason cryotherapy facilitates weight loss and cellulite reduction .

Benefits of a cryofacial

  • Brings about 4 times higher lymph and blood micro circulation .
  • Oxygenate and nurture the skin and subcutaneous cells .
  • Detoxes the entire body .
  • Induce a metabolic spike ( even 4 hours after the treatment ) .
  • Firms the skin and decrease cellulite by strengthening collagen and elastic fibers .
  • Expand muscle tone .
  • Instantly recognizable results post therapy .
  • Firmer , healthier skin .Increases muscle tone .
  • The blood vessels and the skin’s pores open up wider , therefore the absorption and usefulness of lotions is enhanced .
  • Skin feels revitalized , clean and rejuvenated .
  • Brightens darker spots under the eyes .
  • Treats trouble skin such as acne and eczema .
  • Rush of hormones and oxygenated blood provides the skin with nutrients and from the superficial layer such as toxins and CO2 .
  • Instant analgesic effect ( pain relief ) from edema and skin inflammations

As you can see, a cryofacial works in much the same way as whole body cryotherapy, but just focuses on the face and neck. It is very safe and can be used in place of or in conjunction with other treatments such as botox or collagen fillers.

What happens during Cryotherapy Sessions?

What Goes On During the course of a Cryotherapy Treatment?

Everyone is usually wondering about that awesome, new craze among celebrities and sports athletes. “Why are they chilling them selves?” is people’s primary question, in addition to “Why would they purposely get freezing?” It needs to be known that cryotherapy treatment is not simply a fad nor is it carried out just for the pleasure of it. In fact, many use the therapy as an incredible solution for lots of conditions. We have been looking for an answer for a long time now. Sure , this treatment demands individuals to get extremely cold, but the reasons for that are seriously worth the couple of minutes of getting cool.

What is Cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy, which is also known as cryo, is a cold therapy treatment which can be done to achieve healthiness, fitness  and beauty advantages. This treatment has become the top method of natural pain control because it only uses cold air. Individuals stand in the frosty cryosauna chamber for 2 or 3 minutes, and the very low temperature does the following :

Raises collagen production for more healthy skin
Supports in weight loss by using at least five hundred calories in a single session
Accelerates metabolism
Slows down skin aging
Decreases cellulite
Reduces chronic pain
Lessens exhaustion inflammation, and discomfort
Enhances the immune system
Improves overall performance while accelerating recovery
Strengthens the body against colds and influenza

You are most likely wondering how this technique can do all that. Well, allow us to have a look at one of the advantages: decrease in inflammation. Just remember those moments when you had a sprained ankle or a bump on your head and you utilized an ice pack to eliminate the pain and/or the swelling? Cryotherapy is comparable to that. The cold treatment is a lot like putting an ice pack on the whole body. The cold temperatures provide a numbing effect on soft tissues because they can slow down the spreading of nerve pain indicators which essentially let our brain know that we have an injury. Hence, when nerve pain indicators are paused, the human body can not feel as much pain.

The cold process also works in identical ways when it comes to raising collagen production, improving the immune system, burning up calories, and minimizing cellulite. It all comes down to the impact the cold air has on our blood circulation. The cold decreases our blood flow (which happens to suppress present pain), and when our blood flow goes back to normal after the therapy, our body attempts to get things running again, which makes it exert more effort to keep us healthy, consequently giving us all those positive aspects.


Is Cryotherapy All-natural?

Cryotherapy is 100% natural , depending only on very cold temperatures. In addition, it truly is safe and only will take 3 minutes.

Cryotherapy helps with depression

One benefit of cryotherapy that many people do not realize, is it’s outstanding affect on those suffering from the mental health issue known as depression. I’m sure that you all know someone who has been affected by this disease, or perhaps you yourself have suffered or are suffering from it. There are many drugs on the market which claim to help boost your mood and lift depression, but cryotherapy has actually been proven as a natural remedy for the problem. How exactly does a cryo chamber visit 3 times a week help with depression? Let’s take a look:

Cryotherapy increases your levels of endorphins.

Yes, those feel good hormones that boost our mood and well being are front and center of the cryotherapy talk. They are released during a session in a cryotherapy chamber, and the effects are immediate. Not only will it boost your mood, but there will be a positive effect on your cognitive skills and abilities as well.

Release of Cortisol after cryotherapy

Cortisol is a stress handling hormone which helps to boost mood much like the endorphins do. You will feel and immediate reduction in the levels of your stress.

Reduced use of pharmaceutical drugs

Perhaps the worst part of depression are the tons of drugs prescribed by doctors, when it seems none of them really do the trick. Or, if they do, you need to take a combination of drugs which many people do not feel comfortable with. Regular cryotherapy treatment can help to reduce the number of drugs needed in order to feel more stable and be in an overall better mood. The body will in turn rely on it’s own built in mechanisms to control stress, such as the endorphins and cortisone that were mentioned above.

More predictable sleep patterns

A recent study in Illinois showed that cryotherapy can help to stabilize a persons sleep patterns. In fact, you will find yourself getting better sleep – not necessarily longer, but studies have shown that deep sleep is better than longer sleep. Bed time will no longer be a source of stress and worry about the next day, but rather a relaxing time to rejuvenate your mind and body.

Increased Serotonin levels

Finally, a massive increase in serotonin will help to alleviate sicknesses that often come with depression. The bodies ability to fight off sickness while depressed is far less than that of a healthy mind and body. Serotonin increase from cryotherapy will allow your body to ward off those types of viruses that would normally affect a person who is depressed.

Overall, Cryotherapy will assist you in leading a more active, healthy, lifestyle.


How Cryotherapy Helps Athletes

Everyone from Lebron James to Floyd Mayweather have touted the benefits of using cryotherapy to help them recovery quicker and feel better. And they would know about aching muscles and joints. But why are athletes and celebrities alike, so high on this seemingly new treatment?

Cryotherapy has been around for awhile

First of all, cryo treatment is nothing new. it’s been used for decades in Japan and other Asian countries, but historically, cold treatment has been used for healing for thousands of years in the Nordic countries, to not only revitalize the body, but also reduce illness and perhaps even extend the average lifespan. After all, northern Europeans are among the healthiest people in the world. There ancient version of cryotherapy was more like sitting in an ice bath, but the effect is similar to modern day treatments, just a little more painful.

Recovery times are increased with a session in the cryo chamber

Simply put, athletes and celebrities alike are raving about cryotherapy due to the seemingly healing nature of the process. Aching muscles go away and a person will feel more alive and refreshed from even just one visit. Top athletes will do 2 to 3 sessions per week to stay in peak performance, due to the nature of the physical demands placed on their bodies. In order to gain every advantage that they can, they are constantly seeking out new ways to gain that competitive edge, and cryo spas seem to help in that way. In fact, many professional sports teams now have their own personal cryotherapy chambers in the locker rooms for the athletes to use as needed. They have gotten rave reviews thus far from athletes, so I would expect more teams to embrace this treatment in the future as well.

One study has shown that the cellular reproduction of an active person can be cut in half with regular use of cryo treatments, 2 to 3 times per week. However, there are other studies that have doubted whether or not cryotherapy does anything at all. It most certainly does however, give a rush of endorphins to the brain, which give off that “feel good” feeling to people, much in the same way caffeine can. That may translate into a person feeling less  pain, which could be an explanation for people feeling less achy after a session. Regardless, celebrities and athletes have been flocking to this new treatment for the last couple of years, and it’s only at the beginning stages of its popularity. I would expect a rise in cryotherapy spas around the country, as more and more people hear about this fascinating medical advance.

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