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Are you looking to try out cryotherapy, the newest treatment for sore muscles and quicker recovery time for your body? Many people in Terrell are interested in where they can find a cryospa that has this new form of treatment available for them. With cryosaunas being so new, alot of people have questions on what it is, how it works, and what the process is to use it.

Cryotherapy – What is it?

That is the first question most people in Terrell TX ask when they hear the term. Simply put, cryotherapy is the process of immersing oneself into cold temperatures in order to stimulate the body and assist in many areas of health. Mainly, it is used to relieve the soreness and pain of muscles and joints, but it also serves many other purposes as well. Everything from treating depression, improving the the appearance of skin (through the use of a cryofacial), helping with insomnia, and even stimulating hair growth. Although cryotherapy is relatively new and unproven through scientific studies, it does seem to have many noticeable benefits to those who are using it. Many professional sports teams now have cryotherapy chambers in their locker rooms to help speed recovery times for their athletes.


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What does a typical cryotherapy session look like in Terrell?

That depends on what type of treatment you are going to do. Typically, people will opt for whole body cryotherapy, which involves the whole body(minus the head) being immersed into a cryosauna, which uses cryogenic gas to lower the temperature to as much as 300 below! That is why, any person who does this therapy is required to wear gloves and socks to cover their extremities. You will t typically only be in the cold for around 2 to 3 minutes – enough to lower skin temperature by 40 degrees. However, internal body temperature does not drop into a dangerous area, so there is nothing to worry about as far as health concerns. Cryotherapy is very safe when conducted in a licensed spa with a professional.

After you get out of the cryosauna, you will feel effects immediately. Endorphins are released, which boosts your mood. Those effects typically will last 6 to 10 hours. However, the longer last effects are things such as muscle recovery, improved skin, decreased inflammation, deeper sleep, and even weight loss.

What are the risks of cryotherapy?

If you are a healthy adult, and not pregnant, there are virtually no risks. The only known possible side effects are temporary increase in blood pressure, allergic reaction to the extreme cold, redness of the skin, or skin burns. If you are working with a professional, then the latter two will not be a problem, as they will not keep you in the cryo chamber for longer than 2 to 3 minutes. Although we don’t know if there are any long term effects, due to the newness of this treatment, one would not think that there would be a risk for long term effects. Done in a professional environment with proper precautions taken, this therapy is very safe, even for long term use.


Benefits of Cryotherapy

As mentioned, there are many benefits for using cryotherapy, including improved skin, hair growth, muscle and joint pain relief, helping with depression, better sleep, and an increase in metabolism to promote weight loss. If you are like most people searching for information on this, you probably live an active lifestyle. Using cryotherapy in Terrell Texas is a great way to help maintain your busy schedule and still feel rejuvenated and refreshed every day.


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