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What is a cryofacial?

What is a cryofacial?

Many people are wondering about the newest form of cryotherapy – the use of the treatment on the face and neck, also known as a cryofacial. This treatment has gone under a huge surge in popularity along with cryotherapy itself over the last few years. So what exactly is it, and how does it benefit you? Lets take a look.


What is a Cryofacial

A cryofacial triggers speedy vasoconstriction and then the stable dilation of blood vessels and lymphatic capillaries, which enhances the nutrition of the skin and activates metabolic processes . An additional benefit of improved skin nutrition is increased penetrability of cell membranes .

A cryofacial tends to make the majority of beauty treatment options more beneficial ( facial masks , entire body wraps , injections , peels , microdermabrasion ) . A furtherbenefit of cryotherapy solutions is their prominent analgesic in addition to their potential to alleviate adverse effects such as swelling and edema , which worries surgical and thermal procedures in the first place .

A course of cryofacial treatment also generates prolonged results : it enhances skin tone , blood supply and nutrition , supports revitalization of aged pores and skinand improves the condition of trouble skin . Cryotherapy has additionally proven to be effective in complex body shaping as well as the anti-cellulite regime .

How Does a Cryofacial Work?

The tremendous cold temps used to attain cryostimulation cause the body to produce the needed temperature inside the body. The body utilizes sugars , fats and proteins as an energy resource to boost the body temp . As soon as the procedure is over and blood vessels dilate , the ensuing rush of blood circulation raises metabolic processes which means that the body breaks down bigger molecules much quicker .

Greater oxygenated blood flow provides the body additional power , enhances the revitalization of skin , organs and muscles , delivers a rush of hormones and nutrients , loosens up muscles and transports damaging substances far from the superficial layer . When subjected to extreme cold temperatures the body uses up energy to be able toalter the internal temperature of the body , drive the increased flow of blood around the body and support improved metabolic processes . For that reason cryotherapy facilitates weight loss and cellulite reduction .

Benefits of a cryofacial

  • Brings about 4 times higher lymph and blood micro circulation .
  • Oxygenate and nurture the skin and subcutaneous cells .
  • Detoxes the entire body .
  • Induce a metabolic spike ( even 4 hours after the treatment ) .
  • Firms the skin and decrease cellulite by strengthening collagen and elastic fibers .
  • Expand muscle tone .
  • Instantly recognizable results post therapy .
  • Firmer , healthier skin .Increases muscle tone .
  • The blood vessels and the skin’s pores open up wider , therefore the absorption and usefulness of lotions is enhanced .
  • Skin feels revitalized , clean and rejuvenated .
  • Brightens darker spots under the eyes .
  • Treats trouble skin such as acne and eczema .
  • Rush of hormones and oxygenated blood provides the skin with nutrients and from the superficial layer such as toxins and CO2 .
  • Instant analgesic effect ( pain relief ) from edema and skin inflammations

As you can see, a cryofacial works in much the same way as whole body cryotherapy, but just focuses on the face and neck. It is very safe and can be used in place of or in conjunction with other treatments such as botox or collagen fillers.

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